Shärtcast Episode 6

Shartcast_verticleEpisode 6 of Shärtcast — the official podcast of the Shärt International Comedy Film Festival

It’s been a while, but we’re back.  Episode 6 of Shärtcast.  In this episode:

Technically, 2014 was the coldest winter since 1898.  Andrew tapped the pop filter — take a drink (each time)!  You aren’t clever if you submit your 10 minute film to the Shorty Shärt category!  “Money Eating Machinations”.  Dave takes an uninformed stand on Star Wars – SPOILERS.  Andrew takes an uninformed stand on Lucas Ranch Salad Dressing – SAUCY SPOILERS.  We re-discover “stripper girls” as Andrew discovers his memory loss.  What do you call a band within a band within a band?  Turducken!