Shärt For – A Grand Success

Shärt For – A Grand Success

What an amazing evening at the Park Theatre yesterday!  Our fourth year was our best so far.  We had some of the funniest films yet, our returning and new sponsors and most importantly, a theatre full of energetic and excited comedy fans.  The newest addition to our stage show – Shärt Plinko – was a big hit and we saw, for the 3rd year in a row, the big prize on the Wheel of Shärt being won on the first spin!  We will be reviewing our wheel design to try and prevent that from happening again.

A big congratulations to our festival award winners:

  • The Cow Incident (A Difficult Morning) by Jack Perry taking the Shorty Shärt Award
  • Boy Toys by Trevor Kristjanson winning the People’s Choice Award
  • Mr. Richard Francis by Tom Hackett winning the Shärt Select Award

Plans have already begun for the fifth installment of the festival.  Five years is a significant milestone, especially for our little fest, so we want it to be really special.  Keep checking back here, on twitter at @ShartFilmFest and on Facebook at for all the details as we get closer.  It’s only 12 months away!

We’re going to be a bit quiet for the next little while as we return to civilian life, but we do have a few things for you between now and our next fest.  We’ve got a pretty good sized library of filmmaker interviews now, so we’re going to be releasing special episodes of our podcast Shärtcast featuring these along with our usual banter.  We’ve got a couple other things up our sleeves which we’ll announce as we move toward the next festival.

Once again, thank you to everyone who helps make our festivals bigger and better each year.  From sponsors to audience members, filmmakers and twitter followers, you are the reason we do this.  After all the hard work, late nights, and painting each individual peg on that plinko board, when we see the films in a theatre and hear the laughter (and occasional disgusted “ewww”) from the audience, it really does make it all worth while.

Thank you, the chosen people of Shärt.