Our Fight for Squash Rights

Our Fight for Squash Rights

Have you noticed that everything at this time of year is some kind of Pumpkin Spice? Have you ever wondered why it’s only ever pumpkin? Why isn’t there a zucchini macchiato or an acorn squash donut?

It’s time to end the squash discrimination. Let us stand up and say with one voice “No! Pumpkin is not the only squash!” Embrace the wide variety of squash in this, the season of squash and dispel the fixation on the lowly pumpkin.

We at the Shärt International Comedy Film Festival are standing proud for squash rights, and will boycott all organizations which promote Pumpkin Spice products. We encourage you to do the same, and where legally permitted, display your squash pride with our pro-squash seal. With your help, we can help to promote squash equality awareness and affect real change for all the squash who are forgotten in the fall.

Please show your support by commenting below and by posting stickers, posters, shirts, etc. with the Shärt Seal all around your town. With small steps we will become a squash juggernaut.

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