Official Selections 2017

It’s official! The filmmaker class of 2017 has been selected. Quite honestly, we took as many as we could fit this year as there were so many great films. From Lebanon to Australia and Sweden to Transcona… it’s a truly international year.

More film details and pics to come. Here’s the list:

Shørty Shärts (1 minute or less)

– The Blow Job by Kathrin Benoehr of the UK
– Paint by Chris Kotcher of the USA
– Onions by Justin & Kristin Schaack of the USA
– Home Care Before Christmas by Viktor Hertz of Sweden
– Christmas Again by Tim Carr and Jeff Bader @ParkingLotFilms of the USA

Regular Category (between 1 and 20 minutes)

– God Hates a Coward by Emma Higgins of Canada
– Occupied by Iain MacLeod of Canada
– Spoonful by Jason Silva of the USA
– María Fernanda in time by Xavier Pijuan of Spain
– La Belle Folie by Ruth Pickett of the UK
– Coffeehead by Trent Baumann of Australia
– The Artisan by Zlatina Pacheva of Canada
– Moche(s) by Mickael Cohen of France
– Imitations by Ian Bawa, Markus Henkel, Milos Mitrovic, and Fabian Velasco from our own city of Winnipeg, Canada
– Corn Cob Hands by Max Lollar of the USA
– April Fools Day by Ralph Matthews of the USA
– Gangbang by Marie-Rose Osta of Lebanon
– The Audience Choice Runner-up by Trevor Kristjanson, Kevin Tabachnick and Chaz Beaudette hailing from the desolate wilderness of Gimli, Manitoba, Canada
– Wise Girl by Alex Swinfen of the UK – featuring Gemma Whelan from HBO’s Game of Thrones
– Church by Stephen Bodossian of the USA
– Lucky Chicken by Nick Coupe of the UK
– Squatch by Eric Farrar of the USA
– Bumps by Paul Barker of the UK
– The Reacharound by Brandon Zelman of the USA
– Flashkick: A Kumite Revenge Story by BJ Verot of Transcona

Longer Laughs Category (between 20 and 60 minutes)

– The Curse of Don Scarducci by Chris Fondulas featuring an appearance by none other than Alec Baldwin