2014 FILMS

This season was unbelievable for submissions. Films  came in from virtually every corner of the earth. They made us laugh. Some made us really laugh!

So cheers to our 2014 SICFF Filmmakers who are going to make you laugh on May 10th! You can also read the full schedule for Feb 28th HERE.

Shortie Shärts
Germany Capacities Kuesti Fraun
USA Fan Alex Zajicek
Canada Found Matresses Lorne Bailey
Canada My Apologies Andreas Goldfuss
USA One Hour in the Wolf Mask Stanley Sievers
United Kingdom One in a Million Darren Langlands
USA Pages of Rage Alexander Hinojosa
United Kingdom Supersnackers Rahdy Elwan
USA The PhotoShoot Angie Comer
United Kingdom Twistered Thomas Pickering

Feature Shärts
Turkey Böcek Bora Tekay
Italy Hercules Recycled Matthew Hales
USA The Republic of Rick Mario Kyprianou

USA Bell of Friendship Ryan Somohano
UK Bobble Ali Zaidi
Canada Bome Gnomeski Curtis Wiebe
United Kingdom Don’t Miss the Cup Stuart Renfrew
Canada Fish Arms Mike Maryniuk
United Kingdom Forget Me Not Michael Beddoes
USA Gunshy Mike Bell
Germany Hollow Date Alexander Tuschinski
United Kingdom Just Say Hi John McPhail
Canada Kidnapped! Andrew David Long
Switzerland Le doight d’honneur Malika Pelliciolo
USA Masque Rouge G Ryckewaert
Puerto Rico Miedo a las Alturas H J Leonard
United Kingdom Night of the Loving Dead Anna Humphries
Sweden Riktigt mycket pengar – en film om lycka Jonatan Sköld
USA Sexxxting Maria Snow
Canada Spectre Ian Bawa, Markus Henkel, Milos Mitrovic, Fabien Velasco
USA The Co:Star Master Acting Class Amy Scribner
USA The Proposal Jason Silva
Canada Wet Dreams Lyndal Moody
Canada Will the Real Dave Barber Please Stand Up? Dave Barber
USA ZOMBIELUST William Stribling

Longer Laughs
Japan Tokyo Halloween Night Mari Okada

* Honourable Mentions (Not screening in 2014)


USA Lunches With Mel Alex Beh
USA Losers Carlos del Rosarlo
South Korea Oh, Baby! Baby? Subgho Ahn
USA One Man’s Trash Chris Blunk
United Kingdom SOS: Save Our Skins Kent Sobey
USA Lunches With Mel Alex Beh